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    Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a "superfood". Its uses are numerous and extend to its being used a form of natural medicine, natural beauty treatments, and so much more. Benefits of coconut oil: - Provides a nutritional source of quick energy. - Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth. - Reduces inflammation. - Supports and aids immune system function. - Promotes healthy hair and healthy skin. - Functions as a protective antioxidant. - Improves digestion and bowel function. What you will need to make yours:  - Mature coconuts - Blender - Cheesecloth - A bowl - Transparent nylon bag - Sieve - Pot and cooking spoon Directions: [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/04/4552bcebb31f3618b2a76f1d6f6015f6_view.png[/img] 1. Break the coconut with a blunt object. 2. When done, use a knife to take out the coconut meat from the husk and rinse with water. 3. Then cut the coconut in thin slices to help your blender. 4. Put them in portions in your blender and blend with HOT\WARM WATER till smooth. 5. Pour the contents into your cheesecloth and then squeeze to get out the coconut milk. You can grind the coconut chaff a second time to get out more milk. [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/04/ce18c53d532bb9f692a007032a66505d_view.png[/img] 6. Pour the milk in your transparent bag, tie it up and leave to settle for 4-5 hours so that the coconut cream can separate from the water. 7. After 4-5 hours, the cream would have risen to the top leaving the water at the bottom. 8. Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the end of the nylon so the water could drip out. 9. When done, pour the cream in a pot and cook on medium/low heat and stir as you go till you notice the oil rising to the top. Keep on cooking till it dries then leave to cool. 10. When cool, pour the oil in your sieve to separate the oil from the dried cream. Pour oil in container of your choice and it's ready for use. Have fun making yours :blush:
    I get so excited when i hear about made in Nigeria/Africa products. I first learnt about We Naturals on instagram and after reading all the great reviews i just had to give it a try. Keep reading to know what i think about this product line. [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/12/2fefbaa89e829af6f383580e8585faaf_view.jpg[/img] Promises: Black Soap With Hemp Oil Shampoo- Our hand-made shampoo is infused with Hemp Seed Oil made with pure natural ingredients which creates a healthy, rich, creamy lather that softens and repairs damaged hair whiles promoting growth. Moisturizing & Detangling With Hemp Oil Conditioner- Our hand-made moisturizing and detangling conditioner infused with Hemp Seed Oil leaves your hair soft whiles controlling frizz and repairing dry and damaged hair. Moisturizing With Hemp Oil Leave In- Our moisturizing Leave in conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable whiles reducing frizz. Whipped Shea With Hemp Oil Hair Butter- Helps lock in moisture from scalp to ends and leaving hair feeling soft and manageable. Helps repair damage and promotes healthy hair growth. Ultimate Hemp Oil Hot Oil Treatment- This is a basically a blend of oils. Directions: Black Soap With Hemp Oil Shampoo- Rinse hair with warm water then apply shampoo. Massage gently and rinse with water. Repeat as neede. Follow with We naturals moisturizing and detangling conditioner. Wash hair in sections to minimize tangling and shrinking. Moisturizing & Detangling With Hemp Oil Conditioner- After shampooing with We Naturals Black Soap Shampoo, apply moisturizing and detangling conditioner all over hair hair and scalp whiles massaging scalp gently, then finger detangle. Rinse with cold water. Gently squeeze along the length of your hair to remove the excess water or dry with a t-shirt. Moisturizing Hemp Oil Leave In- Apply a small amount all over hair and massage scalp gently. Seal with Whipped Shea Hair Butter. Use moisturizing Leave In daily if needed. Whipped Shea With Hemp Oil Hair Butter- Apply all over over hair and massage scalp gently. Styled as desired. Ultimate Hemp Oil Hair Treatment- Pour enough oil to cover your hair into a plastic bowl or bottle and place container in hot water water for about a minute to warm the oil. Apply it to the hair and scalp then cover then cover with a plastic cap. Wait for at least 30 minutes then shampoo with the We Naturals Black Soap Shampoo. Ingredients: Black Soap With Hemp Oil Shampoo - Distilled water, African black soap, Pure honey, Hemp seed oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Neem oil, Essential oil blend. Moisturizing & Detangling With Hemp oil Conditioner- Distilled water, Cetrimonium chloride, Cetostearyl alcohol, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, Cannabis sativa (Hemp seed oil), Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Essential oil blend. Moisturizing With Hemp Oil Leave In- Distilled water, Cetrimonium chloride, Cetostearyl alcohol, Vegetable glycerin, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, Cannabis sativa (hemp seed oil), Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Essential oil blend. Whipped Shea With Hemp Oil Hair Butter- Shea butter, Hemp seed oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Essential oil blend. Ultimate With Hemp Oil Hot oil Treatment- Coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, Castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Essential oil blend. My Thoughts: Black Soap With Hemp oil Shampoo- It has a very liquidy consistency and a dark brown color which i guess is because of the African black soap. It cleanses the hair well and is quite moisturizing. Moisturizing & Detangling Hemp Oil Conditioner- This is my favorite out of the bunch. I use this as a light DC and it gets the job done. It has nice slip just enough for detangling. Moisturizing With Hemp Oil Leave In- I had zero luck with this leave in. It did absolutely nothing for my hair. I applied this product on damp hair and it was just blehh! It had no slip whatsoever and my hair didn't feel a bit moisturized at all. Whipped Shea With Hemp Oil Hair Butter- I use this product as described. I use it as a sealant when i do the L.O.C method. It's quite heavy so a little goes a long way. Ultimate With Hemp Oil Hair Treatment- I use it for my hot oil treatment. It's a mix of natural oils and essential oil blend. I tried using it to seal my hair once and it was quite greasy so i will just stick with using it as a sealant. Packaging: I'm a sucker for cute packaging! It's a hassle to get products out of the bottle, i always have to take off the cap which is quite annoying and the white container with a white sticker doesn't do it for me i would have appreciated if it had a different color. Price: This product ranges from 5,000-6,500 depending on the seller. I got mine for 5,500. It's great that you get five products that you need for a healthy hair regimen at this price range. Smell: It has a consistent smell throughout. I can't really pin point it though. Overall Thoughts: There isn't anything spectacular about this product line. I also noticed that the conditioner and leave in have quite the same ingredients the only difference is the the leave in has (glycerin) which makes me kind of curious. I had great expectations because of all the reviews i saw but hey, you never know until you try. Would i repurchase? No Has anyone ever tried this products? What are your thoughts?
    Some years back people used to have dense hair covering their entire head. That was at a time when less chemicals and cosmetics were used for hair care :wink: But now people are continuously complaining of hair loss and thinning of hair. .The reason behind it is the use of chemicals that damages the hair strength and reduces the volume of our hair. Even the continuous use of hair styling blowers contributes to your hair getting damaged and plucked easily while combing. It is really sad to observe the volume of your hair breaking off as seen on your comb. But even today, you can still get help from some natural ingredients which increase hair volume and thickness. 1. OIL MASSAGE FOR THICKER HAIR: [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/cb53d88302711e1ab9fc1d36732ea9e5_view.jpeg[/img] Massage your scalp regularly. This increases blood circulation and gives you healthy roots. Massage your scalp and hair with warm oil (coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, etc) Massage the scalp in circular motion. Once you are done with the massage, for a few minutes, wrap your hair in a warm towel because it gives extra conditioning to the hair. This is also important because it helps keep your scalp clean. 2. USE FOOD TO INCREASE HAIR VOLUME WITH A BALANCED DIET: [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/ea1b8a20371e4ae4a1f6ffaec9b627d5_view.jpeg[/img] The best way to control your hair fall is by maintaining a balanced diet. Balanced diet helps you increase your hair volume when you combine your healthy diet habits with the necessary minerals and vitamins. These nutrients help increase hair volume naturally. The most important tip here is to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated because keeping your body hydrated with water helps control the hair loss problem. 3. ALOE VERA: [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/52ab3dd3cde29237abae63f4f0856e59_view.jpeg[/img] I know Aloe Vera to be one of the best ways to increase hair growth and volume. When you use it often, it helps you get a thick hair. Get the plant of Aloe Vera then extract the gel and apply on your scalp and let it dry for an hour. Then shampoo. Aloe Vera controls hair breakage, thereby increasing hair volume. 4. NO CHEMICALS: :smile: Just avoid harmful chemicals. You would notice there's less hair on your brush. Unnecessary hair products and procedures such as straightening, colouring and perming your hair causes more damage to your hair. Instead, use products containing natural ingredients - be sure to read the ingredients label on a products before purchasing. 5. EGG TREATMENT FOR REGROWTH OF HAIR: If you want to increase hair volume and its length, follow this tip - use egg as a mask on your hair. Though it gives an odd smell, the proteins in egg strengthens the hair. Just beat your egg in a bowl; add honey to the egg; and apply on your scalp and hair; cover with a shower cap for ten minutes; then shampoo. You can do this weekly. 6. POTATO JUICE TO INCREASE HAIR THICKNESS: [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/08/9562f344f2fc56713aaf56c2a8ab7045_view.jpeg[/img] Potato we all know contains vitamin A, B and C, which are the most essential vitamins for healthy hair. Extract the potato juice by blending; apply on your hair and scalp; after 15 minutes wash it with a mild shampoo. 7. CAUTION ON EFFECTS OF SHAMPOO ON HAIR GROWTH: When you choosing a shampoo for your hair, it's really important to go into its roots. You need to go ahead and do some good research before choosing the right shampoo. With these tips above.....our hair volume is going to be right back in shape. :smiley:
    Maria Borges did take a risk when she had her agent communicate to the fashion power house that she wanted to model with her natural hair at Victoria Secret's December 2015 Fashion Show in New York. The most likely response would have been a "no". And then there would have followed concerns as to why she made the demand in the first place. According to the young Angolan model, it simply was something she had to do. And she did do it; making history as the first ever black model to rock her Afro on a Victoria Secret's runway. [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/06/4498e24de148a129fa0ac6ac44a24da1_view.jpg[/img] Maria has established herself as a global Afro Icon, even with just her teeny weeny afro :grinning: It takes a strong sense of beauty on the inside to take a stance for the beauty of your physical attributes. We love you for this Maria. [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2016/06/b2719274c0f8d2d517ed82c2c681e84e_view.jpg[/img]
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