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    Just the other day, I was surfing on LinkedIn - the popular jobs and career network, when I came across a shared post unlike anything I've ever seen on that platform. One of my connections had shared a post by one of hers announcing that she had just published a children's book centered on Natural African Hair. Her primary aim with this book is to boost self acceptance and self esteem in kids who've been blessed with Afro hair. As you can imagine, I was immediately excited; but I wasn't the only only one. Here's a screenshot of a comment on the post in question. As you can imagine, I simply had to share my excitement about this new book; which is particularly close to my heart because it is written by a Nigerian. I'm Nigerian too :smiley: A look through the book's Kindle sample and its reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads left me with the conviction that an interview with the author was mandatory. The book is just that good. The illustrations are beautiful - thumbs up to the illustrator, Debopriya Banerjee. And the book seems to stick with positive depictions. Talk about a steady flow of "good vibes".  The autour, Mrs. Marietta Iyinbor hearthily welcomed the idea of an interview piece, and we did the question and answer exchange via email. Below are all my questions, and the answers she gave. Hope you draw loads of insight from this; and some inspiration as well.    Q : What's the inspiration behind your book, "I Have Good Hair"? A : Good day all!  So, I got inspiration for my book when I decided I wanted to start writing for children. And because the kinky curly natural hair movement is very dear to me I thought “why not write a book to help build self- esteem in children” and I came up with ‘I Have Good Hair’.  Q : What was it like creating this book? Especially as a first time, self-published author? A : Oh! Good question. The experience was exasperating, but very rewarding. I was completely drained of energy by the time I was done with writing, editing and the illustrating process. But then again, every time I think I’m drained, I find a renewed strength to continue with the process of publishing and promoting and making sure parents and children and friends and uncles and aunties know about my empowering book. But all in all, it was a great experience and I’m glad I went through it. Q : Your kids, did they play a direct role in driving you to push through with the creation of this, your very first book? A : Uhm … Not really. Before I had kids, I was a Mandarin and ESL teacher, so I’ve always been around children. Q : And what do you most fondly hope the book gets to achieve now that it’s out there?  A : I truly hope that children and parents read the book and it resonates with them. Q : If you were to write a very succinct introductory piece on yourself - targeted at Naturalistas and Natural African Hair Enthusiasts, how would it read? A : Haha! Good one! I’m not sure … maybe something like “Marietta Iyinbor believes we are all born equally brilliant and beautiful, regardless of your tightness or how lose your curls are. Is that good enough? Q : As an Author, how would you like to be remembered? This might change over time. However, right now, what do you identify as being at the very core of the legacy you want your books to create? A : Wow! That’s a tough one. Uhm, right now, I think I would like to be remembered as someone who decided to write, to go through the process and finish a children’s book all by herself. Q : What's your favourite page in the book, "I Have Good Hair"? A : The part second page where she says “Here feel my hair…” and her robot friend goes on his toes and reaches out his hand to feel her hair. It’s such a simple moment but a defining one because if you’re a female you’ve been in that position where after you’ve done your hair right, gone through something like wash day, and you know your hair is looking and feeling amazing, you go about looking for someone to touch it and tell you what a great job you’re doing. Haha! It’s vain, but trust me, that validation from your hair, yourself and a friend is the best feeling ever. Any person who takes care of their hair will relate to that line, I believe. Q : And would you be willing to share an image of that page with readers?  A: Yes!! I have dozens of photos of the one photo! Lol! The book is currently available both in print and on Amazon Kindle. You can go grab your copy here. If you also want to get to know some more about the authour, why not check out Marietta's Author Profile on Amazon - simply click here. And because you just might want to look up the reviews on Goodreads as well, here's a link to that - click here. 
    Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a "superfood". It's uses are numerous and can extend to being a form of natural medicine, be used for natural beauty treatments and so much more. Benefits of coconut oil - Provides a nutritional source of quick energy. - Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth. - Reduces inflammation. - Supports and aids immune system function. - Promotes healthy hair and healthy skin. - Functions as a protective antioxidant - Improves digestion and bowel function. What you will need: - Mature coconuts - Blender - Cheesecloth - A bowl - Transparent nylon bag - Sieve - Pot and cooking spoon Directions [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/04/4552bcebb31f3618b2a76f1d6f6015f6_view.png[/img] 1. Break the coconut with a blunt object. 2. When done, use a knife to take out the coconut meat from the husk and rinse with water. 3. Then cut the coconut in thin slices to help your blender. 4. Put them in portions in your blender and blend with HOT\WARM WATER till smooth. 5. Pour content in your cheesecloth and squeeze to get out the coconut milk. You can grind the coconut chaff a second time to get out more milk. [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/04/ce18c53d532bb9f692a007032a66505d_view.png[/img] 6. Pour the milk in your transparent bag, tie it up and leave to settle for 4-5 hours so that the coconut cream can separate from the water. 7. After 4-5 hours, the cream would have risen to the top leaving the water at the bottom. 8. Take a scissors and carefully cut the end of the nylon so the water could drip out. 9. When done, pour the cream in a pot and cook on medium/low heat and stir as you go till you notice the oil rising to the top. Keep on cooking till it dries then leave to cool. 10. When cool, pour the oil in your sieve to separate the oil from the dried cream. Pour oil in container of your choice and it's ready for use. Have fun making yours :blush:
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