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    It's been quite a long time I posted..My reason is I have been quite busy with a lot of personal things.. But hey I always got to make time here as well cos am addicted to this platform lol...Lets head straight to the reason why am here this hot afternun.. I got a new remedy I been trying these past weeks and thought of sharing :smile: ... I gues we've all heard of rosemary herb..Yeah! It's good for our natural hair..This herb encourages hair growth by stimulating and improving circulation to the scalp and activating hair cells..This is a natural remedy and relying on herbs sometimes I fink is the best thing one can do to control hair breakage rather than relying on so many products.(my opinion tho:smile: ) How is this remedy done?? ..is just very simple ..   1. ROSEMARY HAIR RINSE Get Rosemary dry leaves in a vessel of water. Boil it for few hours to prepare an infusion.once the liquid cools,strain it and get your infusion..just as simple as that..Now you can use this as a rinse after shampoo or conditioner ...Another method is, just blend your leaves into a paste then mix it with your shampoo and conditioner..You can use it anytime it's wash day :smile: :v:   2. ROSEMARY IN SPRAY BOTTLE AS A MOSTURISER After you are done boiling your leaves ..just strain and get your infusion into your spray bottle.you can add any other essential oil you have..spray on your hair daily as your mosturiser... Now thank me later ... :thumbsup: [attachment="271:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment] This is a new remedy I discovered and have been trying for the past few weeks and it's great ..Try it too guys :smile: :thumbsup:
    Hello Naturalista's! :smile: I decided to talk about hair and pregnancy today. As we all know, there will be a time in your life when you have the chance to carry a little growing human in your body. :wink: Let's be real - it can bring out the best in your hair; this is usually the case for most expectant mothers. At the same time, it can cause a great loss if you don't pay attention to the changes that's happening to your body as even your hair won't escape the effects of the reproductive hormones in your body. :flushed: It's true that during pregnancy some women experience changes in their hair texture and growth but the opposite happens as well; unfortunately. • WHAT TO DO TO YOUR NATURAL HAIR WHILES YOU ARE EXPECTING - ~ PROTECTIVE STYLING: If you are really tired during your pregnancy, styling your hair is the last thing on your agenda list. Opt for protective styling. Doing this is a great way to ensure that your hair is already styled on days when you do not feel like spending a great amount of time styling it. Keep in mind, every pregnancy is different. some women have a whole lot of symptoms while others have little to none. However, if you are expecting fatigue or morning sickness, it's best you choose low maintenance long term protective style options if styling your hair is the last thing you want to do. [attachment="126:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment][attachment="125:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment] ~ TRIMMING: My hair for instance has been growing like its on speed. I typically trim every 3 to 4 months. But since a growing baby sometimes favors hair growth, my hair has been needing more attention than usual. I can tell my hair needs trimming when my ends are rough. I know that many of us still like to hold on to length, but if you don't cut off the split ends your hair becomes much weaker and weakness travels up in your hair and later causes the loss of a greater length when it breaks off.. [attachment="128:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment][attachment="127:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment] ~ NUTRITION: A healthy diet during pregnancy contains much of the same balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients as a healthy diet in general. The difference is that you need higher amounts .This as well will probably ensure that your hair gets in a good state. Also, your prenatal vitamins are important! [attachment="132:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment][attachment="131:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment] ~HYDRATION\MOISTURIZING: Ok, if you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times. Natural hair needs moisture! Since you are pregnant, you surely need to drink tons of water. Personally, my goal is to drink many cups of water a day which might sound like a lot until you consider the fact that the baby is using up a lot of that water to get her growth spurts. Add that to the fact that much of the country is just hot, and you realize you are loosing a lot of water via sweating. So buttoms up ladies, travel with your water bottle and get your drink on. [attachment="130:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment][attachment="129:view"]image.jpeg[/attachment] What about you? How do you keep a healthy head of hair while growing a little human? :wink:
    Hello everyone. The purpose of this post is to inspire us to wear our God given, glorious crown on our Big Day without feeling insecure. The 'Big Day' here would have the peal of church bells, beautiful dazzling white gowns, and that significant other looking dashing in a tuxedo 😉. It's the day almost every woman looks forward to - the wedding day. Now, on this day, every lady would admit to wanting to look gorgeous and breathtaking. And what better way to look very amazing + hairmazing than rocking your own Crown. You know what I mean. I know some natural hair sisters would feel a little unsure about wearing their natural hair on their wedding day. It's tempting for some of us to opt for a high end weave. But sis, you sure are gorgeous the way you are. Right now, crowning your beautiful wedding gown with your natural hair beautifully styled is the equivalent of wearing confidence itself. Here are some images which inspired me. I hope these beautiful ladies give you some inspiration too. Enjoy! [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/06/45a6f8381a1a53578a7ce2ebd14fe6b4_view.jpg[/img] [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/06/13724e926cb267f1033aac456ac0e69f_view.jpg[/img] [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/06/9897a322151c6bedfb79128ffb7c298a_view.jpg[/img] [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/06/2e447ef0722651513d0edf2a6f7b57ff_view.jpg[/img] [img]https://myafrohub.com/PF.Base/file/attachment/2017/06/f4c8cfb9cf1d1221a05b830fa99c2206_view.jpg[/img] These images were gotten via Pinterest
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