Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
by on July 1, 2016
Hey guys, for those of us who have little problems styling our natural hair. Just get a seat, a mirror and styling tools to get this party started. So my fabulous friend Zodidi created this awesome look starting with moisturising her hair the night before using water, oils and shea butter. Then she brushed her hair up the next morning and tied the woven band you see around it - it took half a pack of marley braids to weave that. She also placed a satin scarf around the edges for a while to "flatten" all those fly away hairs which tend to grace our hair line :smiley: She achieved this without breaking the bank ladies. Can I hear your "Praise the Lord!". :laughing:
Faless banda
Praise the lord.And something I love about natural hair it encourages creativity, its not only abt how one looks ,but about generating new ideas every day, nice one there.
Kume Ozoro
Nice one :thumbsup:
Bamidele omolara
Praise He thy Lord!!! Lol this is so cool nd beautiful thanks a bunch my darln sister
Kume Ozoro
I think she had you specifically in mind when she put it up :smiley:
Bamidele omolara
Honestly she made this purposely for me lol
Miata Kuyichiana
This is indeed beautiful.