by on February 1, 2017
Hello Lovelies!
As a child and teenager living in Nigeria, i was used to relaxing my hair. I never once thought about going natural and natural hair wasn't exactly the norm except you attend "Deeper Life Church".
I decided to go natural after experiencing grave breakage from unhealthy hair care practice and relaxer addiction. My hair was breaking like no man's business. I would wash my hair and see clumps on the bathroom floor. Note that while i was relaxed, i wasn't taking care of my hair at all. I would only wash my hair only after taking out my weave/braids and relax my hair whenever it was due.
Fast forward to January 2016, i made up my mind to cut off my relaxed hair. I got to the barbing salon and i told the barber give me a low cut but he decided to give me a super low cut. It wasn't exactly what i had in mind but i loved the result.
I started my natural hair journey with just two products: water and shea butter. It was a smooth ride for me and my hair was doing good until BOOM! I went back to protective styling without taking care of the hair underneath. My hair started breaking again this time, really bad i was so scared i thought about going to see a Doctor. But we thank God i managed to fix it.
TWA at 3 months old. Do you lovelies see how soft and shiny it was?
At 4 months
My hair at 1 one year old. I dusted my ends from time to time.
I feel like i didn't retain enough length because i neglected my hair while it was iin protective styles.
2017 will be my year! I will be focusing heavily on protective styling and caring for my hair.
Kume Ozoro
There's a lot of inspiration packed in there Precious, especially that bit about still being diligent with caring for your hair while it's in certain protective styles. Personally, i'm looking forward to seeing you pull some nice hair stunts this 2017 :thumbsup:
Thank you Kume. My goal for this year is length retention
Kume Ozoro
You're welcome Precious :smiley: With the right hair care practices and consistent moisturizing, your goal of growth retention is quite achievable. I can see you & water are friends already. Thus daily moisturizing should be an easy habit for you to form; if you haven't formed it already.
I believe it's achievable too and yes i have formed a very strict moisturizing routine.
Kume Ozoro
Then you're well on your way dear
Peniel Uzochi Chris
So kulPlease teach me that strict momoisturizing routine.
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Amen to that! We mostly forget our hair when not out. God help us.
Nana Ama
Weldone precious inspired Precious
Thank you Ama