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It's been quite a long time I posted..My reason is I have been quite busy with a lot of personal things.. But hey I always got to make time here as well cos am addicted to this platform lol...Lets head straight to the reason why am here this hot afternun..I got a new remedy I been trying these past weeks and thought of sharing :smile: ... I gues we Hav all heard of rosemary herb..Yeah! It's good for our natural hair..This herb encourages hair growth by stimulating and improving circulation to the scalp and activating hair cells..This is a natural remedy and relying on herbs sometimes I fink is the best thing one can do to control hair breakage rather than relying on so many products.(my opinion tho:smile: ) How is this remedy done?? ..is just very simple ..
Get Rosemary dry leaves in a vessel of water.Boil it for few hours to prepare an infusion.once the liquid cools,strain it and get your infusion..just as simple as that..Now you can use this as a rinse after shampoo or conditioner ...Another method is ,just blend your leaves into a paste then mix it with your shampoo and conditioner..You can use it anytime it's wash day :smile: :v:
After you are done boiling your leaves ..just strain and get your infusion into your spray bottle.you can add any other essential oil you have..spray on your hair daily as your mosturiser... Now thank me later ... :thumbsup:
So this is a new remedy I discovered for the past weeks and it's great ..Try it too guys :smile: :thumbsup:
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