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Day 1....Wear Your Hair!
Gudmorning! Gudafternun! I woke up today with my high puff still intact from last night (INTACT).. I didn't sleep with anything covering my head. This got me thinking - I wonder if the hype about the satin bonnet is legit? I have to admit, in my year and half wearing my natural hair, I have been using it on and off ...
It's funny because my dad bought me a satin Chanel scarf which I couldn't find for years only to see my niece pull it out of her overnight bag the last time she spent the night..Viola!
It may be different if you are a wild sleeper but I do wonder if sleeping specifically with a silk or satin head cover makes a difference overall when it comes to combating breakage and shielding moisture. These things have never really been part of my night routine..I do it sometimes though. I actually prefer to sleep with nothing on my head, but if it really makes a difference i'd consider incorporating it into my regimen.
Anyway, here are some alternative solutions to the satin head cover: you can style your hair to sleep by doing the pineapple method or large braids to secure your hair... Also, you can opt for a silk scarf and cover your pillow with it... so yeah, these are a few solutions I've got in case you don't prefer the satin bonnet too..
Well..my style today will be a day 2 high puff .. :smile:
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