Fatou Bom Bittaye
by on February 13, 2017
Hello Fam! I'm back! It’s been a crazy two months. We were going through a political crisis the whole of Dec'16 to Jan'17. But it’s time to come back to what we love, to ourselves again. I missed everyone, really. And how're you all doing? And your natural hair too? Missed all of it! You know, it’s funny, but I had it all planned out when I was making my mini twists in Dec’16, around the 25th, that I would be doing oil treatments weekly, wash every other week, continue my moisturizing routine twice a day. But nothing went I as planned except for the moisturizing routine. I washed once a day though…lol. After almost about 6 weeks, i took the twists down. I put my hair into two cornrows as usual...I mean...my go to protective hair style whenever i feel too lazy to care for my hair properly. But my hair has really grown as you'll notice in the pic below: I can finally put together my whole hair in a bun! Yea! :smile: exciting! I am hoping to really get back to my weekly wash routine this weekend. Till next Monday. See you then! :kiss::wave: Oh! Almost forgot, Happy Valentine's! Fbom
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Kume Ozoro
Congratulations Fatou! For patiently grooming your hair to the full bun phase :smiley: I can bet you've now got full confidence to diligently aim for the #BigHairFro cos' nothing motivates like actually seeing the results which were merely #HairGoals a short while back.
Fatou Bom Bittaye
Yes Kume Ozoro, seeing actual results was a Christmas present! Thanks
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Yes to hair growth! And welcome back