by on February 15, 2017
That just sounds like a scene from a Nigerian movie, but this post is about my hair. Six months after (3 months after transitioning and another 3 months after the big chop). This was actually a very long comment on the picture i posted and Kume said i absolutely had to put it in a blog section. Sooo, here it is.....(I was too lazy to retype the whole thing so i just kinda copied and pasted it...sorry) Okay. For my edges, i try to prevent tight braids/ protective styling and when i do braid, i always loosen the front and back to prevent pulling out. I also apply shea butter and hair cream once a week to keep the hair moisturized (when the hair is all made up). My wash routine is quite simple too, I use Mersea (dead sea mud shampoo), it actually contains sulfates and i did not know till i used like half the bottle....then i apply my conditioner (Cantu shea butter moisturizing rinse out conditioner). I apply cantu leave in conditioner also. My spritz bottle contains olive oil,coconut oil and water and i use this when combing or styling...oh and i deep condition once a month (I try to anyways, i always forget). 3 tablespoon full of mayonnaise, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoon olive oil and 2 teaspoon of honey. i leave it in for like an hour and wash it off ( I deep condition after shampooing).
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Kume Ozoro
Thanks so much Sandra for granting our request. And I must confess, you're so right about the scene from a Nigerian movie :laughing: We've got to give Nollywood a hand :clap: for being such a strong influence. lol
Lol, we should... you're welcome
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Yes! Thanks for the answer to our begging.