Nana Ama
by on February 18, 2017
Well I haven't been well ..That's the reason u haven't seen me post for this few days... My morning thought:If you know me you have seen me shave my hair at least 2 times..Each time I use clippers,a few times without guard(Lord Jesus)..At the same time you have probably seen me with hair full of my own natural hair.i hv naturally grown my hair 2 times in my life .i usually end up damaging it by using either bleach or relaxer but this time (for the past year and half) I did everything differently and am satisfied with my results so far.! Here are some things to keep in mind as you are moving forward: 1.This is a process.You can "coach" and train your hair to fall the way you want it to in each style with practice .Your hair wil learn to behave in a predictable way if you concentrate on a specific style for a month at a time. 2.Exercise true patience: Take your time and think about your hair as a canvass .Focus on one step at a time,pay attention to the direction your hair falls around your hairline.Set aside 30 mins to focus on just your hair health with MONTHLY(NOT WEEKLY OR DAILY) length checks."Trust the process" 3.Work smarter not harder!Why settle into styles that take hours to achieve mediocre results?Expand your horizons and explore more hair styles from other cultures ,regions ,and time periods that may suit your texture or timeline. Yes!! what are your thoughts?! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Peniel Uzochi Chris
My've said it all and I totally agree with you dearie! Patience is very vital to natural hair growth.
Nana Ama
Sure dear patience is always d key Peniel Uzochi Chris
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Yes! 🙌💪 Some truth.