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Morning Thought:
Yesterday I was watching a video of Marilyn Mosby speaking about black women; our obsession with PERFECTION and how your perception of the ideal self image ultimately shapes your attitude towards yourself and others. That really really hit home for me because I have always idolized women like my mother, my aunts and all their friends, who effortlessly look very well put together and polished. I never really understood how that image affected me until now - not that they did anything wrong, but it made me want to uphold this "divinity" that tormented my self confidence when I felt I could not live up to it. Every time I leave the house everything has to be laid perfectly or i'm not satisfied. When my hair is more frizzy and curls aren't defined, I sometimes feel less attractive. If at any point my hair starts feeling out of control, I get OVERWHELMED, SCARED and PARANOID.
I look at women with different styles and think,"I could not pull that off, but it looks good on her". The truth is, there are still some styles which I feel are too "ethnic" for me. And maybe that's just a matter of preference, but it's not because the style does not appeal to me, it's more because I don't feel secure enough in myself to pull it off. Just like with anything else, the chances of that are highly unlikely. Because there have been times I've fearfully tried something new, only to surprisingly stop the entire show with my "perfect" nightmare. I think before the end of this 30 day challenge, I want to try wearing a style that I thought I would NEVER wear. I usually don't do BIG Hair (Afro), because i'm always wrapping it, but I think I wanna go ahead and do this:exclamation:
What are your thoughts???
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