Peniel Uzochi Chris
by on February 28, 2017
Hi lovelies..Hope you all are having an awesome week? :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: Did you know that the liver has got a lot to do with the hair? YES! A whole lot. The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body which is completely responsible for detoxifying harmful toxins in the body from everything we eat and drink. And of course, it prevents waste products from entering the hair follicles, thereby aiding easy blood and nutrient circulation in the hair and body as a whole. Seeing the importance of a healthy liver, there are notwithstanding factors which may deter the liver from proper functioning which could go a long way in affecting the body and hair. Let's check them out and do the maths. 1) STRESS AND ANXIETY: These cause spikes in several hormones such as adrenaline and androgen, causing negative effects on the liver, hence affecting the body and Hair as well. 2) PROCESSED FOODS: These also affect the body just like stress and anxiety. So, next time you wanna eat that corned beef or canned beans, or even a bottle of coke. Think about your liver, your HAIR! 3) DRINKING, EXCESSIVE MEDICATION AND POOR DIET: These factors could weaken the liver in ways which we cannot comprehend. So watch watch watch it! 4) GENETICALLY INHERITED SMALLER AND WEAKER LIVERS: Due to some of the above mentioned factors, some livers could be weak or small causing it to serve at below the normal potency of regular liver function. 5) A COMBO of genetics, lifestyle and psychological factors could also deter the normal liver function greatly, resulting in poor body healthy, especially our HAIR's health. Now let's do the math>>>>° more work = more stress = more money = less time = eat JUNk = BAaaad HAIR Yea yea. Now you know why you've used the best hair products and still don't have positive hair results, huh? Yea yea, you guessed right! Check your liver, watch your stress levels, watch what you eat and may be the reason why............... What do you think?
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Very thoughtful of you this is a very insightful post.
Peniel Uzochi Chris
thank you dear
Kume Ozoro
, this is a really great piece. You've taken a critical relationship which isn't given much attention and approached it in so simple a manner that its impact is glaring. I love that line "let's do the math" :laughing:
Tina Mlonda
I have started my detox journey since last week. I am marking my path and I of course I will improve to detox diet when my garden is ready. I will bring my report when this research is over.
Peniel Uzochi Chris
I can't wait sweetie
Kume Ozoro
i'm literally rubbing my hands together in anticipation of your report :revolving_hearts:
Korkor Kugblenu
Good piece. We tend to forget that what goes inside affects our hair as much as what goes on it. Thanks for the reminder
Peniel Uzochi Chris
You are right dear. Uwc