by on February 25, 2017
That was how I just decided to try giving my hair some curls; hoping that twisting the hair and loosening it after a day or two would give my hair the desired tiny curls. I was less busy, home alone and bored; and I had washed my hair earlier in the morning, so I decided to put the time to use, I generously applied haircream and hair mayonnaise to my hair, then I sat down in front of the mirror and started picking my hair and twisting it in very tiny portions, after some hours I finished twisting the hair, then I decided to sprinkle water on the hair and that was all for that day. A day and half a day passed with the twist on my hair and now I was ready to loosen the twist and go to work bluffing with my anticipated curly hair... So I sat down in front of the mirror that morning and loosened the twist, while loosening it I wasn't seeing the hair making the curls I expected, but I'm not someone who gives up easily so I waited until I loosened the last twist; and boom! There it was! A beautiful rough do (twist)... I immediately forgot that the reason I've been suffering myself with twisting my hair and loosening the twist was to get some curls, I was amazed and in love 😍 with what the hair decided to turn into, I immediately changed dresscode, I was ready to bounce into the office looking like a rasta, by the way the people are tired of me and all the crazy stuffs I do... The story is already long so lemme just manage and end it here; but before I go, lemme tell you... I was just feeling myself that day, and my friends liked the style and I'm telling them to pay me so I can do it for them. Lol Thanks for reading my boring story shaa...
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Kume Ozoro
Far from boring :smiley: , this is a tale of paying for silver and getting gold, ain't it? There's nothing like the joy when things turn out different than you expect in a pleasantly surprising fashion. I wish there were more pics of you rocking that "Chiza-Rasta" beauty :heart_eyes:
Hahahahahaha... I wish I could share more pictures... But I just didn't get to take much pictures
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Wow! Funny how it turned how different but you still slayed it. Yes! #BlackGirlMagic
Peniel Uzochi Chris
Hahaha this is hilarious and BEAUTIFUL. asin I love the outcome. smtyms I wanahv shorter hair to rock those cute styles..
Peniel Uzochi Chris
I'm in love with your style baby...keep it up