by on March 31, 2017
When i first went natural, every natural girl and their mother was talking about the term "cowash" i was quite confused as to what it meant at first until, they told me it meant conditioner wash. The term never really went down with me because i loved the feeling of clean hair and i was convinced a conditioner couldn't do that so i just stuck with shampooing my hair. So, i stumbled on the picture above a few weeks ago and i was taken aback. I got quite curious so i started to look for any information i could get on the effect of cowashing on our hair. I decided to start out with "Natural hair gurus" because they swear by cowashing but they all kept saying the same thing 'shampoo dries your hair out and conditioners clean your hair without stripping' and all that other stuff we are taught about cowash which is quite true. I wasn't quite content with the plain answer i got so i decided to do my own little research. I think it is fair to say cowashing started within the natural hair community but i'm sure it gained a lot of popularity with the curly girl method a handbook by Lorraine Massey. Cowashing was originally intended for use between regular shampoos to clean hair from build up not a replacement for shampoos. The reason a lot of naturals are weary about shampoos is because of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). SLS is an anionic detergent, surfactant and a foaming agent commonly used in many cosmetic products and industrial cleansers. It is potentially harmful to skin and hair. Cleanses by corrosion. Dries out skin/hair by stripping the protective lipids from the surface so it can't effectively regulate moisture. I'm glad that today we have a lot of brands that offer sulfate free shampoos. To cowash or not to? I'm not an advocate for cowashing so i would say not to. Just like you wouldn't go a month without cleansing your skin is the same way you shouldn't go a month without cleansing your scalp because one of the key components to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. If you use a well formulated sulfate free shampoo you wouldn't need to cowash. Do you cowash? What are your thoughts?
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