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Happy new month Naturalistas!! It’s been a while since I posted anything. I have been undergoing some critical life changing experiences. But since it’s a new month and a new year I have decided to come back with full force.
I am starting all over again, I would love to reintroduce myself. I like my readers understanding who I am so they can relate well with my posts.
My name is Adunade Boluwatife. But I prefer being called Tife Adunade. I am a student (so I’ll be giving a lot of student life gist once in a while), a lifestyle blogger (my personal blog address is https://tifeadunade.wordpress.com/. feel free to visit and subscribe to my blog) and a writer (I write for magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and anybody basically).
I am a Naturalist. I absolutely love myself natural and I love encouraging people to join the natural family. I have been on natural hair for three years and I face every problem you face too. I totally understand almost every problem you are going through. Although I have been on natural hair for three years, I only recently started taking full and good care of my hair. This cost me a lot of problems - such as stunted hair growth, hair breakage, bad edges, e.t.c.
I am here to make sure a lot of you do not make the same mistakes that I made and if you are already making them, I’m here to get you to stop; to give quality advice on how to grow healthy natural hair; tell you the best products to buy as a Naturalist and where you can get them at pocket friendly prices. To top it all, I’m here to encourage you and tell you that being natural is the best and healthiest form of hair growth.
I hope you are as excited as I am about blogging again. I’ll be relating with you like you are my sisters (because you are). I’ll love to hear your suggestions; what are the problems you are currently facing?; What do you need help with? Please feel free to comment and send me messages.
Thank you. It feels awesome to be back on board!