Tife Adunade
by on April 8, 2017
I must start my post with an apology as this post should have been up sooner. but then i had some issues with the pictures and that is what delayed the post. believing my apology has been accepted i will move on now with the post. True friends are gold trust me…like absolute pure gold with no impurities. So a few days ago I was ill, I was crying and all. I had to be taken to the schools clinic. I have two friends I walk with (finally made friends), although they are boys. They took me to the clinic and waited till i was attended to and felt better. One of them was literally close to tears…he was so scared and was feeling for me. It made me feel like someone who is valued (which is actually true). And there is really nothing as amazing as knowing you have people who would cry when you cry and celebrate you when you deserve it. Product to be reviewed: Shanyi Organic Deep Restorative smoothie. Beauty beauty Shanyi Organics is a Nigerian brand. It has not been around for a very long time but it has been around long enough to make some serious marks in the natural hair business. The Shanyi organic products are made solely from organic ingredients. The Shanyi brand also branches into fashion designing check them out @shanyiorganics on Instagram and shanyiorganics.com.ng on the web. Pros This is a purely organic brand you can be sure you won’t have all those and reactions. The brand promotes natural hair. It contains hair friendly ingredients, moisturizes the hair from the root to the tip and absolutely soft and silky hair. Cons For those who do not like organic ingredients you really might not like this product. It is made purely and solely from organic materials. It also tends to be oily after use. But its still fine. Quality My hands look pretty This brand tries to make their product to the best quality. It is not at the point it should be but it is getting there. I’ll give the quality a 65%. Its lovely and I would purchase it anytime. Packaging The packaging is fine. Its not as top notch as most of these international products we are used to but it is fine. I really did not like the quality of the graphics but the color, logo and message was well done. I’ll give it a 65%. Price The price is very fair when matched with the quality you get. I really like and enjoy the product and would recommend it. It goes for about 2500-3000 naira. Conclusion The Shanyis brand is a startup brand. They are still growing and I am really impressed with what they have done so far. This is a really good brand with all their products proudly made in Nigeria. I recommend them anytime any day. you can buy this product and more from Shanyi Organics on instagram @shanyiorganics. Thanks for reading. Kindly share. and don't forget to checkout my blog @ : https://tifeadunade.wordpress.com/ Xoxo
Peniel Uzochi Chris
Thanks for this. Apology accepted tho. Lol
Tife Adunade
lool. thank you