Oritse-Ogbe Elizabeth
by on April 8, 2017
Well... Not really sure how to start off this post but I guess I'll just start anyway. Quite frankly I have never been a fan of the natural African hair and this is owing to the fact that I had basically what you would call a great hair. She was thick, long, generously full and yes, stubborn. Don't be surprised am personifying her because she definitely had a mind of her own. I can still recur how I would run from one beauty parlour to another looking for the perfect product and relaxer to weaken her a bit and give her a silky look. But despite all these, getting rid of my hair was the last thing I wanted to do. Sometime last year, I was having a conversation with Kume (a close friend) and I honestly don't remember how the conversation went from normal to hairy but am pretty sure it was all his fault. He went on and on about the African natural hair but I really didn't care much ~ even rolled my eyes and bent my neck a few times. (ooops.. He's going to see this, sorry Kume) . After a while I noticed this natural hair thing had become quite popular but was still bent on keeping my hair. But To my amazement I was beginning to admire the texture, strength and uniqueness of the African hair. Took me some more time but I finally saw the African natural hair for what it truly was~ Beautiful, strong and expressive! Just like the African woman. At this point I had fallen hard and decided I'd give it a shot.. Here came my first challenge : * The Exaggerated cost of growing your hair naturally. I was told by my friends and literally everyone how pricy these hair products were and believe me this scared me a whole lot considering the fact that am a student. Trust me, the last thing you want to be as a student is broke. Luckily , I remembered Kume and I once had a Conversation centred on the subject... You can probably guess my next move already, yep I gave him a call and There was the Enlightment! I didn't need all this costly products after all! All I needed was my black soap, shea butter and coconut oil ( almond oil, castor oil or any oil of your preference) . All these I got ASAP, courtesy of My Grandma-shes's a naturalist in every sense of the word. I was definitely ready to begin my journey but not so fast, challenge number two presented itself. Which was: *How to go natural. ( Transition or the big chop) This was probably my biggest challenge yet. If you've been paying close attention, you probably already know I was terrified of the big chop. ~ But I definitely didn't have enough patience to Transition. With the growing love I had for the natural African hair I decided I was gonna do the big chop. jeeez.... Challenge number three: * will I look too small, weird or ugly?? OK, am a size tiny with an incredible baby face, so looking like a 15 year old was definitely an issue for me . Looking ugly or weird was also a possibility since I was going almost bald. The issue of looks is quite superficial but it is certainly a big deal to most Ladies and was definitely a big deal to me. But somehow, with all the gitters, nervousness, uncertainty and a few discouragements I chopped My hair off. Initially, my family and friends were more than willing to tie me up and give me some serious beating. As for Kume, they just wanted to break his legs for participating in all these.... But hey, we didn't let them catch us~ Hahahahah. I would say the hardest part was watching my hair fly across the room in her volume( ouch...). It's been exactly one week since my big chop and the loads of compliments have been getting is quite surprising (wouldn't have it any other way). Not to mention the fresh air and the coolness of water I deeply feel on my scalp. But most of all, am finally giving her a chance to grow in her own form, in her own pace, in her Twist and curls, in her own uniqueness, beauty and strength... She's finally free to express herself. The Journey continues...
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Kume Ozoro
you really should have added beautful to the title - "I Gave Her Beautiful Expression" :smiley::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Tamilore Osho
Expression indeed! I'm in love 💞
Oritse-Ogbe Elizabeth
Awww... Thanks @Tamilore Osho
Oritse-Ogbe Elizabeth
..plss feel free to input that.. 😄😄
Kume Ozoro
lol :laughing::laughing:
Peniel Uzochi Chris
She's beautiful and so is this post
I'm in love. This is a beautiful piece!