Korkor Kugblenu
by on April 11, 2017
If every time you take out your protective style after a month or so, you notice that your hair is dry and breaking, your scalp itches and is flaking, and if you’re unlucky, your edges are falling out and your hair is all knotted up at the base, then chances are you did nothing to protect your protective style while you had it on. Protective styles, whether with extensions or with just your hair need some care too. Even though you have taken a break from your hair, you hair hasn’t taken a break from you. Underneath, your hair is still growing, still gathering dirt, your scalp is still producing sebum or getting dry and you are still shedding hair. Don’t panic. Taking care of protectively styled hair is relatively easier than taking care of loose afros even though the principle is the same; moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Your hair, loose or otherwise needs moisture, errday! And once it gets moisture, you need to seal in that moisture. As you probably already know, the only things that give your hair moisture are water and Aloe Vera Gel or juice. And to seal in moisture, any good plant oil like coconut, baobab, castor, avocado oils etc. will do. You will also need to clean your scalp if you’re keeping your style on for more than a week. There are two ways you can do this. Some swear by washing their hair while it’s in braids like they would wash it if it was loose. Note that this can knot up your hair at the base and might be a nightmare to detangle when you take your style out. A cleaning method that is low risk would be dry cleaning your scalp with a cotton ball soaked in a mixture of glycerine and warm water. If you find that your scalp is developing dandruff you might want to add a little lemon juice to even out the pH of your scalp and help control the dandruff. After dry cleaning, it is best to moisturise and seal as usual. You can also consider using dry shampoo which presents as a powder. Some use Bentonite clay for this and is a topic we will look at in another post. When you protect your scalp while it’s in protective style, you prevent dry, brittle hair that breaks when you take out the style, you keep your scalp well-conditioned and clean and you get the full benefit of length retention which was probably your goal for getting a protective style in the first place. Find below a simple recipe for a braid spray to use daily for your protective style. Get a spray bottle into it pour boiled water halfway, add the sieved juice from half a lemon, add a two tablespoonsful of coconut oil or castor oil or whichever oil you prefer and a few drops of Tea Tree oil or Peppermint oil. Shake well before every use. Spray directly to your scalp and unto hair as needed. You might want to make this in small batches or keep in the fridge to extend its life. If the hairspray becomes cloudy, shows mouldy growth or smells musty, discard it. Do you have any protective style care tips? Share with us.
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Kume Ozoro
As always, clear thought communicated clearly and concisely. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Korkor Kugblenu 🙏