Odera A.
by on April 12, 2017
Yeahh soo this is how far I've gone😄. I never thought my hair would grow this long, sooo fast. I am actually very surprised by how long my hair has grown. I was always doing protective styles (cornrows, because of school) and was taking them down every two weeks. I later on learnt about all the Protein treatments, hot-oil treatments, pre-poo, ACV rinse etc, and that's when I started doing them, my hair length increased and my love for natural hair began. I absolutely love natural hair😭😍. The various products and essential oils are amazing!. I'm always researching on various ways in which I can grow healthy and long hair, watching YouTube videos but I NEVER LET IT BECOME A DISTRACTION TO ME. I created this account just to show my journey in pictures and perhaps videos, share my ideas, and learn a lot from all the lovely naturalistas here.
Your hair is beautiful. How long have you been natural if i may ask?