Tamilore Osho
by on April 17, 2017
Hello everyone, This week my post would be on wearing our natural hair when participating in sports or working out (I'm sure our fitness enthusiast sisters would love this!). Unfortunately,none of the images I found online on this topic doesn't quite catch my fancy so no pictures so I'll be making this post more verbal. When you workout or doing sports of course you sweat and this sweats shrinks hair and clogs up the pores which inhibits growth if our hair isn't properly 'packaged' well. I personally have experience in this aspect since I workout (occasionally) and play lawn tennis.My go to hair style is usually a bun and scarf with my ends tucked in properly,this is quite 'safe' for my hair but there are others ways to style your hair for sports. 1.Braids:They really help a lot and you could add extension to the ends. 2.Cornrows. 3.Bun/Puff. 4.Dreads:either faux locs or real locs 5.And any other protective styling... Remember,never leave your hair out in a fro when working out. You could also look up Serena and Venus Williams for Sportish Natural hair styling. Till later keep bringing out your AFRICANESSÉ