Tife Adunade
by on April 20, 2017
PS: let’s take a moment to appreciate how well shaped my brows look 😊. How to deep condition your hair using Shanyi organic products (and any other one of your choice). I will write how I did this in steps with pictures too…just so you see how I did it (and to make the post interesting). Step 1. I had a protective style on (I had washed my hair the previous week). The first step is to loosen the protective style. Step 2. The next step is to detangle your hair. The healthy way to do this is to use your hands and not a comb. Step 3. What I did next was to rinse my hair with warm water, just to rinse out all the moisturizer and products I have used on it previously. Step 4. Next I segmented my hair into 8 parts. Then for each part I applied the product (Shanyi organics deep restorative smoothie) from the root of my hair to the tip, and that also includes my scalp. I massaged it well so that the product is on every single strand. After which I twisted the segment. Step 5. After twisting my hair I covered it with my plastic cap. This is to generate heat so that the product will penetrate well into every strand of your hair. I covered my hair with my satin cap to create extra heat. Step 6. Exactly one hour later (you can leave yours for 30 mins) I removed the cap and detangled my hair with my hands. My fingers were literally passing through the hair!! I was like, “omg!! Where has this product been all my life!!” My hair was as soft as cotton candy! Step 7. I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water. I just loved the feel of my hair…absolutely wonderful and it smelt heavenly. Step 8. When I was done rinsing my hair I applied the Shanyi organic moisturizing milk shake ( this smells like ice cream). My hair was screaming thanks to me. I was so happy with myself. I also applied Hawaiian silky 14-in one moisturizer and Hawaiian silky leave-in conditioner. My hair was super super grateful. Step 9. Style it as you wish. Do something protective so your hair can rest. I did four flat twist in an updo manner and rolled the end into a doughnut . It was really nice. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you try the product. You can also leave your comments and tell me your favorite deep conditioner/ hair products. Xoxo
Tamilore Osho
So much TLC,I wish I was your hair!