Tamilore Osho
by on April 22, 2017
Hello beautiful people, so today my post would be on rocking those gorgeous locs to the office. Most people face great criticisms because of their locs as some societies tend to term them as dirty and unruly people. But that's far from the truth, because our natural hair is beautiful in every way - locs, puffs, twist out or braid out...It's all beautiful. Rocking 'Locs to the office proves quite difficult in certain countries and this might weigh on some people's self esteem. I decided to seek out pictures of beautiful women rocking their gorgeous locs in a beautiful, neat and acceptable way as a source of inspiration. Here they are:. For short locs. . Long locs. . . Remember, it is the way you present your hair that others will look at it. Always make sure that your hair is looking neat and "beautiful". Make sure that those gorgeous textures are showing. P.S: I'm aware that some people in certain parts of America would be restricted in getting certain jobs because of their locs and this post is with special respect to them. Keep bringing out your AFRICANESSÉ!!!
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