Tife Adunade
by on June 7, 2017
Hello June!!!
How have you ladies been sine we last met?
Today I will be discussing my relationships with people in general; especially in light of the fact that I am all natural.
I've been natural for a few years now. And trust me, it has been a liberating experience. I can remember when I went natural, a lot of people kept asking me if I was sure of what I was about to do...or doing. For a moment then, I almost turned around and quit on the natural game.
About the same time, I remember Alisha Keys declared to the whole world that she was embracing her natural beauty and going to live her life henceforth makeup free. It was just an Inspiring moment for me. I mean ALISHA took a really bold step there. I thought to myself, this is wonderful. I mean, it was just too amazing. Therefore I decided to follow in her footsteps {not 100% though}. But majorly, makeup free.
Standing my ground and not allowing myself to be tempted or influenced by the crazy waves on social media.....I found peace. Honestly, I found this deep peace with myself. It was just amazing. Embracing my natural beauty has simply been "it" for me. Sooner than later, my friends began to notice my change in style and appearance. Initially a lot of the girls complained. But as the days turned into months, I can boldly say I sparked something in them.
The most amazing part about this was the admiration I got from guys. I was like "No way!". That year had to be the year I made the most genuine male friends, because for some reason they could trust me and be friends with me. It felt like the natural look filtered out a lot of people from my life.
Discovering that I had become surrounded by true and real friends just made me so happy. Like my life was literally much easier. And of course, I went out on way more dates than I ever thought I would. I had so many people asking me out, wanting to have me as their partner, all because of my natural look. Not that this is the main focus here. But as a lady, there is no way you wouldn't be excited about being attractive to the most reasonable and mature kind of guys.
Over the years I have matured in rocking my natural look. Once in a while I tend to draw my eyebrows, or apply colored lip gloss, or maybe even eyeliner. But I never apply anything to the skin on my face. My facial skin has grown so accustomed to this lifestyle that it even reacts to the use of chemical substances on it. I see now that my face is healthier; I am healthier; and of course, my relationships are healthier.
I would love to see you embrace your natural look too. Not just your Natural African Hair, but yourself as a whole - learning to be confident in your own natural skin. Know that you are beautiful.
Artificial attachments are never really a true definition of beauty. They may enhance it, but they don't define it.
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Kume Ozoro
Tife Adunade this is an awesome post :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: And I will gladly plead guilty to being one of those males who weigh their attraction to a woman based on how much of what she presents to the world is the natural her. It's my primary filter, followed by Strength of Character...View more
Tife Adunade
Deep. I totally agree with you on this issue. I just wish a lot of women would understand this and not always have to conceal their beauty.
Miata Kuyichiana
Kume, this comment...... Is everything..
Kume Ozoro
Tife Adunade in time there will be more and more females who see this. The fact that there is now a global sub-culture pushing for the natural look and all things natural is evidence that this preference is runs deep.