Tamilore Osho
by on June 9, 2017
Hello everyone. The purpose of this post is to inspire us to wear our God given, glorious crown on our Big Day without feeling insecure. The 'Big Day' here would have the peal of church bells, beautiful dazzling white gowns, and that significant other looking dashing in a tuxedo 😉. It's the day almost every woman looks forward to - the wedding day. Now, on this day, every lady would admit to wanting to look gorgeous and breathtaking. And what better way to look very amazing + hairmazing than rocking your own Crown. You know what I mean. I know some natural hair sisters would feel a little unsure about wearing their natural hair on their wedding day. It's tempting for some of us to opt for a high end weave. But sis, you sure are gorgeous the way you are. Right now, crowning your beautiful wedding gown with your natural hair beautifully styled is the equivalent of wearing confidence itself. Here are some images which inspired me. I hope these beautiful ladies give you some inspiration too. Enjoy! These images were gotten via Pinterest
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