Tife Adunade
by on June 23, 2017
Hello everyone. I know for sure that wearing your natural hair all the time makes you feel like a queen and it gives you so much pride. At times though, life can just drop all its weight on you, and you forget that you even have hair on your head. This exactly is what forced me to have my hair braided up. With school constantly making demands on me and giving me little or no time to even look in the mirror, talk less of having time to style my hair the way I wish.
I will be sharing a few tips with you on how to style your box braids…just so they never get old or begin to look boring.
The All Back
Stylish and tasteful. This is no doubt one of my favorite ways to rock braids. I simply used an elastic band to hold my hair in place and then I just let it fall. You can step up the look by using scarfs or bandanas like I did in the third picture.
The Partial Fall
I am not exactly sure what this style is called so I have named it according to my taste. I took some strands of braids from the side of my head, tied them loosely in a knot to the back and then tucked in all the other strands behind loop made by the knotted strands.
The Low Ponytail
Nobody…and I mean nobody, makes braids and doesn't rock a low pony tail. It’s a worldwide favorite.
The Half Ponytail
I sooo love this style…it gives an absolute "soft look". All I did was pack half the braids into a ponytail and I let the other half just fall as they wish.
The High Ponytail
You hardly see people rock their braids this way but it is a personal favorite of mine. I've rocked my braids more in this form than in any other way. I can remember going on a date with my hair like this and my date totally loved it! It's really comfortable and simple.
The Bob
Yes, it is very similar to the high ponytail…Technically, it is the same. All I did was divide the ponytail in two and allow it to fall to the sides of my face. Simple.
Doughnut Donut
It is absolutely impossible to wear braids and not carry it in the donut. I basically hit this style when I was tired of my hair falling all over my shoulders. It saves you the stress of having to keep flipping your hair. You can always step up the donut game with a scarf or bandana just like I did.
The Fancy Knot
And again I do not know what this style is called and I have named it to my taste. Basically what I did was to place the braids in an all back, then I took some braids from the side of my hair and tied it into a knot at the back of my head. When this was done I then tucked in the rest of the hair. It gave it a really fancy and bridal look. I love this style a lot. It can always be enhanced with statement hair pieces and hair accessories.
The Drop
This is basically just letting your hair do its own thing. Fall to the back, side, front, whatever!! Just let the hair be itself and fall as it wishes.
Hope I have been able to inspire you to step your braid game up to the next level. Never let your hair be boring to you or people around you.
Be free, be yourself and enjoy your hair journey.
Kume Ozoro
Tife, in just one word, "beautiful". What you've done in this piece is simply beautiful. And the execution is beautiful. Plus you look beautiful in those pictures too :smiley:
Tife Adunade
Thank you so much kume. I guess the post was worth the stress after all.
Kume Ozoro
Tife Adunade, the pleasure is mine. And yes, it's a post worthy of the stress you went through to put it up. Rest assured, I'm going to put in some more work to ensure that experience stays a thing of the past, permanently :pray:
Tife Adunade
I would so love that
Nana Ama Agyeiwaa
Great message
Peniel Uzochi Chris
It's cool...keep it up ma'am