Tife Adunade
by on September 4, 2017
I don’t think I have to stress so much introducing coconut oil to you. We all have used coconut oil before. It is one essential oil that every naturalist must own.
One major issues when purchasing not only oils but hair products generally, is identifying fake products from the original products. I have fallen victim of bad oil several times because I did not know how to identify good oils from bad ones.
Today I would be giving the basic clues on how to identify good coconut oil. Since it is one of the most available and essential oils we all use.
Firstly, if the coconut oil is branded the words “extra virgin oil” must be written on it. Why? When an oil is extra virgin it simply means that the oil was manufactured my cold press method. Which is the best way to manufacture any oil. It allows the oil to retain all the minerals and vitamins that were originally in the seed or fruit it was derived from.
Next, if the oil is something you can taste, ensure you do. Pure coconut oil must have a pure coconut taste. It is as simple as that. If it has an irritating taste or you cannot even taste the coconut then it is not a good oil.
The coconut oil must also have the same smell a coconut will have. This shows that it was cold pressed and derived from the coconut.
Lastly, your coconut oil must have a clean clear look. This means it must not have tiny particles moving inside the oil. Or even a blurry look. If the oil is yellowish in color it must be clear. If it is transparent, it must be clear. Clear enough for you to see the other side of the container from it. Once the oil does not have that clear look, it means it has been adulterated or is just not a good oil.
I hope I have been able to help you identify good coconut oil from bad ones. Next time you are shopping for coconut oil be sure to look out for all that I have mentioned.
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