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It's been a long time I came on here..Hope everyone is doing great? For the past few months I have been quite busy so I haven't really been doing a lot to my hair... I have a thing for headwraps which is called DUKU in Ghana .
There are many reasons to wear a headwrap. Here are a few of my personal reasons:
~ It protects my hair from the wind and rain
~ Helps to retain moisture
~ Serves as a protective style for my natural hair on days when I don't feel like touching my hair
~ And it's a great style for every outfit......
I usually wear my wraps in by covering my hair with a Kente cloth or any nice fabric in a stylish way. But mostly, I use Kente cloth...It's my go to style when i'm too busy to touch my hair.
NB: I think that if you're gonna wear a headwrap that isn't already made of silk/satin, you can put on a silk/satin scarf first and then add your normal cloth or fabric on top of that. It's probably also a good way to deep condition while still looking stylish..
Just know that a haeadwrap will not stunt or slow your hair growth. Whether you wear a headwrap or not, the most important thing is to keep your hair healthy, and your hair will grow..Also, don't worry about your hair not getting oxygen, because your brain and the rest of your body is receiving oxygen. Eat healthy and maintain healthy hair and your hair will be fine under a headwrap.
Oh! And if your headwrap feels too tight, then just loosen it up ........