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Just a quick one ........ DONT expect that all EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS will make your hair grow down your back in 6-8 weeks when you just did the BC.. Don't fall into FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!! Just because someone made a regimen that works for their hair doesn't mean it will work for yours ...DO WHAT  BEST FOR YOUR HAIR. BE PATIENT, TAKE SOME TYPE OF GROWTH AID, WEAR PROTECTIVE STYLES BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Also remember that HEALTHY HAIR comes from the inside out so EATING HEALTHY and EXERCISE plays a big part....

* sleep with a satin /silk headscarf or pillow case

*Drink lots of water

* Keep hair mosturized 

*Get ends clipped when needed

*Protect hair from heat/sun (Whether its in a protective style or applying a heat protector like grape seed oil)

*Massage scalp (Stimulation/blood flow makes hair grow)

*If there's product build up,wash out(Too much product can clog pores preventing hair to grow)