Tife Adunade
by on September 5, 2018


For most millennials, icons like Diana Ross, the Jackson 5, Alisha keys, and Bob Marley - just to mention a few, were figureheads of style and culture for the black people. They had massive influence on fashion, music and over time what has become a movement for natural hair. These people, one would say, saw the bigger picture before it was glaring in the faces of others. They stood by their roots and connected with their ancestral African origin the best way they could - through their hair. The significance of these little acts was not really felt till later days. Today, with the great controversy surrounding the natural hair and its community, we understand why their connecting with their roots was important to them.

What is the natural hair movement? The big bang on natural hair came about in 2009 when the movie “Good hair” by Chris Rock was released. This movie cleared the air on the long battle revolving around the meaning attached to the word “Nappy”. The movement was adopted quickly by many black people, and gradually deeper meanings and bigger controversies were birthed from it. The natural hair movement was not created to bring about division of the human race but rather to bring together individuals of similar ancestral origin to the point of unification.

Why natural hair? When asked this question, most people are not sure why they choose to wear their hair natural. The inability to answer this question sufficiently has led to poorly told reports. A while ago a writeup was released stating boldly that women with natural hair struggle greatly with insecurities and low self-esteem. This is rather untrue. For the most part, people - men and women, who carry their hair natural do it for the love of their hair. Chemically neutral hair has proven to be healthier and its styles last longer than relaxed hair. Most people choose to go natural not because they want to fight or stand with a course, but because they genuinely love the texture and beauty of their kinky nappy hair.

At the end of the day, the decision to grow one's natural hair should not be based on the opinion of others or the pressures of the society. It should be from genuine interest and love for the black kinky hair. Growing your natural hair is not just an aspect of your life, it’s a journey you embark on. It’s a lesson learning and beauty defining journey. And it should be done with the fullness and wholeness of one’s heart.