Tife Adunade
by on July 17, 2016
Hi everyone. I'm really sorry I've been away for sometime. I had a lot on my plate and I guess my juggling skills kinda failed me. With that said, I'd like to discuss something different today…...away from all the hair talk. I'd be talking about my first full makeup experience. I must say that I am not a makeup person. The most I would ever wear is probably a lipstick if necessary. This day I was all bored and all. Considering the fact that I stay with females its only natural that we play with our face or hair when boredom strikes. So we were discussing about makeup (we were about 4), and I mentioned that I had never had a full makeover. I can remember the look on their faces. One said she wasn't shocked, she suggested I must know what it feels like to have all the chemical on my face and not die. That cracked me up…...and I said okay. So it was straight to business with all the makeup stuffs on the bed from prima to powders, foundation, lipstick, liners, mascara and all of that. The moment I felt the prima on my face, it just felt weird. I must tell you I wanted to stop the whole thing immediately but for some reason…..I really wanted to know what I'd look like if I had a full makeover so I endured. I must say that my roomies are not professionals but they did a nice job. I was not allowed to see myself in the mirror I was really anxious. I felt different things being applied on my face. I was so scared I would react to something as I have such delicate skin. I must say it was quite a struggle to apply the mascara and eye liner. They gave up on the eye liner as my eyes would not sit still. When all the rubbing was finally over, they tied a gele for me. I felt really happy. I finally looked into a mirror. I was surprised at what I looked like. I was beautiful but it just felt weird to look at myself and not see my regular face…..plus my face felt weird too. All in all. I was happy I tried it. I did not react to anything. Even tho we did not own a mad ass camera, we took memorable pictures. It was fun.
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