Fatou Bom Bittaye
by on August 3, 2016
Good Morning!
It's bright morning today just a little bit hot. So, this week, i decided to do protective hair style (Braiding). Since i went natural, i am yet to step into a hair salon to do my hair. I DIY everything, getting to think of opening a hair salon myself...:smile:.
After my normal deep conditioning, shampoo washing, applying my one and only oil (Coconut oil) and Shea butter mix. I made small sections on my hair to the size i want my braiding to be. And twisted every section, and started installing my braids. It was super quick, it took me altogether about 3 hours to finish. This is first time of using this method, it's really quick. I plan to keep this style for 6 weeks....hmmm.....too much? :smiley:.
Just finished installing
Bye...Have a great week ahead!!!
Dupe Oyebolu
'Looks so good! And you did it in 3 hours?? So amazing!
Fatou Bom Bittaye
Yes in 3hrs, thanks. Dupe
Nana Ama
I said u twisted every section and installed the braids .how did you install the braids on your twisted hair ??
Fatou Bom Bittaye
I didn't just install the braids on the twists, but before braiding, i will lose a twist comb through to further de-tangle and braid it. I don't know if you will understand wot i mean.
Nana Ama
Yes I get it now .I actually taught u installed the braids on the twist .Thanks :smile:
Amadi Ijeoma
Fatou,thats a nice one!I've never tried doing it myself...Braiding has affected my edges so badly that since my natural journey, am just scared..
Fatou Bom Bittaye
Amadi Ijeoma don't be scared, it's really a good factor for hair growth. All you do is apply cream or oil on your edges. And that's why i do it myself so i won't make it tied in the front.