Tife Adunade
by on August 5, 2016
Hi everyone. I was asked to write on transition for those of you here who wish to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair.
The first thing I must tell you is transitioning is not just a physical process…..its must also happen in your mind. You must forget or should I rather say chose to forget that you have relaxed hair but rather treat the hair like it is all natural and kink. Because of my failure to see my hair this way….I did not last in the transitioning process when I started….I had the whole thing cut off after a month and I started from the very scratch. Do not make such mistake. Later in the year a friend of mine started her transitioning process….I saw her treat her hair like it was all natural. She never even chopped her hair once. She transitioned all the way. Till the hair became totally kink. But that took about a year plus for that to happen. She was quite patient.
So, what are the do’s and don't of transitioning.
*Dedicate Time To Your Hair.
You need to give the hair a lot of attention. Give it time. Style it well. Wash it well. Moisturize and deep condition well. You need to have your hairs time.
*Be Patient
Just like my friend. You must exercise total patience and expect the best. While you wait for your hair to grow try as much as possible not to compare your hair to why you see on TV or in magazines or even your friends or other women. Just wait and be optimistic about your hair while you care for it.
*No More Chemicals!!!
You must resist. I know its hard for a lot of people. But you have to withstand. You cannot use relaxers or texturiser or dyes….you just can't. They would kill the hair before they have the time to grow. No form of chemical should be used to ensure healthy and optimize your hairs growth.
*Style On Baby.
You Should style your hair. Protective styles. This would give your hair time to relax and grow comfortably. Style as much as you will just Dont stress and pull the hair. For me….I'm a twist person. You'd mostly see me on twists. You can find what works for you.
*It's All In The Mind.
Like I said in the introduction its all in the mind. You can be on natural hair and think like you are on relaxed….create no boundaries for your hair. As long as its in a healthy way. If you think of your hair as natural and treat it that way, it would make things really simple for you.
*Do Not Use Heat.
Run away from heat. Literarily. Do not apply any form of heat to your hair. It is still young and needs to grow. You cannot afford to take some risks with it. And besides heat kills natural hair. So please no flat tonging, air dry it if you can. Don't just avoid….. Flee from heat.
*The Chops.
You can grow your natural hair to an extent before you have the ultimate big chop or you can chop it gradually as your hair grows. Maybe every month or every two months or as you wish. The choice here is really yours. and it depends on how patient you are. Like I said earlier my friend never did a big chop. She transitioned all the way. Till her hair was absolutely and totally natural.
Thanks for reading. You can also read my previous post “starter pack” it would help you to know what you'd need in this journey you are embarking on.
Good luck.
Kume Ozoro
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Nice one hair specialist. There are tons of you ppl here. I usually ask myself where you all learnt this Natural hair Science Smiles...
Tife Adunade
I know. I've been so so busy. Sorry 😥
Kpannah C. Cooper-Kelvin
Wow! Thanks. I have learn a lot.