Tife Adunade
by on September 14, 2016
Hot oil treatment. I had a goal. In 6 weeks I wanted my hair longer. I know I treated the hair horribly in the past and it really stunted the growth….but seriously does that mean I should pay for that forever? I decided to the hot oil treatment. For 6 straight weeks. I'm in week 3 now and the result is incredible. My hair is longer, fuller, breaks less, softer, looks healthier, my front edges are growing and my hair in general has more shine. I just cannot keep this secret to myself so I decided to share. How to do the hot oil treatment. You'd need: Oils ( any type you want and have) Shea butter I.e or I ( optional) Two bowls. ( big and small) Spoon Plastic cap ( shower cap) Shampoo Conditioner Warm water Cotton/ wool scarf Satin scarf/ bonnet. And your dirty hair The treatment is done at night and left to stay overnight. You may do it during the day if you wish and leave on your hair for at least an hour. How to do it. 1. Pour little quantities of your oils into the smaller bowl. In my case I used coconut, olive and castor oils. 2. Add little ori in the mixture. Do not mix yet. 3. Boil some water and pour in the bigger bowl. 4. Place the smaller bowl in the hot water and allow the oils to heat. When the ori is dissolved in the mixture you may mix the oils. Do not allow the oil to be too hot. Use a spoon to mix and place a little on your skin to check when the temperature is right. 5. Cut your hair in sections and apply the oil everywhere. The way you would when deep conditioning. Make sure the oil is not too much so it does not start trickling down 6. Cover your head with the plastic cap( shower cap). Use the cotton scarf to tie the edges to avoid oils all over your face and neck. Use your satin scarf or bonnet over it finally. Leave till the next morning. 7. Get your warm water ready to wash your hair. Shampoo the hair and condition it as you would normally do. 8. Moisturize the the hair as normal. I use my spritz bottle, oil my scalp with my hair cream and seal in all the goodness with a little castor oil on my hair. You may now style as you wish. You would notice your hair is waaay shinnier than usual. Do not heat the oils directly as it kills the organic nutrients. Deep conditioning should not be done after the treatment. This treatment is done to protect the hair from losing its natural oils while washing and also provides your hair with all the goodness in the oils. Your hair would have more time to grow and grow well. I purchased all my hair products from kinky crowns. You can check them out on this platform. Your hair would thank you for this.
Kume Ozoro
Ifueko Uhunmwangho
Nice Nice, I used to use ori but it was too greasy.
Cristina Ricardo
Wonderful! Hot oil treatment realy works.