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by on October 2, 2016
Common Hair Mistakes
Whether new or long time Naturalist, there are some mistakes we make or have made previously. This post is to make us aware of these mistakes and help us avoid them.
Here are a few mistakes we make:
* Trim, Not Chop Off
A lot of people make this mistake. Just because you have read a lot of natural hair blogs and watched so many videos and the say trim your hair for it to grow does not mean you should. Except it is necessary don't trim it. I have been growing my hair for two years plus and I have never trimmed my hair. Some people would argue with me that it is not right but I disagree with that. My hair is perfectly fine and the tips are fine and stand along, it hardly tangles….like ever. So I do not see the need to trim. Do not get me wrong if your hair tip tangles a lot you may need to trim it. Not every month or every two months. Maybe once a year or twice a year. And it should be trimmed not chopped off.
* Moisturize, Not Over-Oil
When it comes to this there is a thin line. We use oils while we moisturise our hair to help lock the moisture along with all that natural oil the hair produces. Sometimes i touch someone's hair and it is not moisturised at all. It is just oily. Just oil. No moisture. We must understand the difference. Applying too much oil does not help your hair at all rather it stunts growth. We must understand the difference and apply the products we use moderately.
* Wash, Not Strip Off Oil
When we wash our hair the purpose is to remove dirt from the hair and scalp. But the truth is when most of us wash our hair we wash so hard and use insanely hot water that all the natural oil in the hair which ought to be preserved is washed off. Totally gone. Why?! Washing does not mean you should kill your hair and scalp. Always use non-sulfate shampoos and warm water. And focus on the scalp. Wash calmly. The hair will come out clean. Trust me.
* Comb, Not Yank Off
I see how so many people comb their hair and then complain about how their hair has refused to grow. I'm like "are you kidding me?" You don't comb that hair, you try your best to pull it out of its roots. We create so much stress and pull on the hair when we comb it sometimes, that it's like we want to pull it out. Comb your hair with love and patience. You should read more about combing your hair in one of my previous posts “Combing That Hair”
* Protect, Not Cut Off Edges & Pull Out Hair
When I see some people and their protective hair styles I want to scream at them "Noooo!!!!" You are not protecting it at all. You should never make hair styles that pull your edges or even your hair too much. You find out when you loosen your hair that your hair breaks so much. What is the essence of making a so called protective style if it is doing the total opposite to your hair.
* Pack Your Hair, Not Pull It Out
Puffs are beautiful and so are buns. I love them so much. But a lot of people go about getting these styles done the wrong way. Don't pull so hard. Dont do that. You would just dress your hair too much, when you lose the bun it would just break. Why all that stress. Pull moderately. Use styling gel to get the sleek relaxed look. Not pulling. Don't hurt your hair and yourself. If you do not know how to do it ask someone who can to do it for you.
These are the few which I thought are real pressing and must mention. Feel free to add others in the comments section.
Thank you.
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Nana Ama
Thanks for sharing this ..
Tife Adunade
You're welcome
Kume Ozoro
:heart_eyes: you outdid yourself in this one. I love the tone, the way it effectively adds a sense of urgency to the warnings you're giving. The way you worked the sub-titles is just :ok_hand: And each of these points are so pertinent. It's little errors like these which have sisters pu...View more
Tife Adunade
Thanks Kume. 😊😊
Kume Ozoro
You're welcome :fist: