Tife Adunade
by on October 17, 2016
Why you should follow the rules.
I know sometimes you must go through all the blogs here and you see don't do this and don't do that..…. why is all that stuff so important? I mean, why is it a big deal? Can't I just grow my hair in peace and let it grow?
The honest truth is no. No, you can't do that. I mean, when you have a baby, you don't just leave the baby to grow. You nurture the baby. Your hair is your baby, and the rules are as important as they sound.
Why exactly should you follow the rules?
For Good and Healthy Growth:
I honestly cannot over emphasize on this. If you ever want your hair looking and feeling healthy, please follow the rules. They are the only true path to this
Self Confidence:
The honest truth is when your hair is taken care of you would feel absolutely proud of it. It has this extra confidence it gives you; you slay with it and a lot of people will admire it.
Protects Your Edges:
I have seen someone with lovely hair but terrible edges. Following the rules helps your edges be on point. It helps you have an even and beautiful growth.
Longer Hair.
This is the ultimate. Your hair would be long. Long and beautiful. That is as straightforward as it should be.
So tell me, why risk your hair's happiness just because of a few hours of stress. Help your hair. It'd help you in return.
Have an amazing week.
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Herta Naa Borley Adrah
True, true, true!