Fatou Bom Bittaye
by on October 17, 2016
Hi Fam!
Still on my new moisturizing routine, since i'm still trying to figure out what's best for my hair - which I have never considered since i went natural. At first I would just do whatever I felt like doing with my hair. I didn't worry at all about a regimen. Maybe then my hair was very low and didn't have much needs, but now it feels like my hair needs more than I give it. That's why I've decided to look for what works best. And like I said in my last post, I long to wear my hair out for at least a week or two without it feeling like "Oh my hair is unmanageable!".
This weekend, I washed my hair, and did my deep conditioning. Because I was feeling too lazy to go and get an Avocado - which is my favorite ingredient for deep conditioning, I just mixed eggs, honey, lime, and coconut oil. But it got so watery that my hair couldn't hold it; it keep dripping. I don't know how to describe my hair's porosity (High or low).....Lol:smile: Plz someone...help me. All I can say is that my hair can't hold water, it drips out very quickly.
Finally I washed off my deep conditioner mix and shampooed. Then, Amadi, I tried your "Okra Conditioning" but I boiled the Okra together with some Guava leaves. Believe me, it worked wonders! My hair was soft and my coils were there - clearly visible. Thanks Amadi, for sharing :wink:. Later in the night, I made two cornrows and spritzed before going to bed...yea that's how quickly my hair dries up. This morning, I soaked it up with water, by just standing under the shower, "et voilààà!!!".
I will be leaving the cornrows till the end of this week or I might it leave for two weeks, depending on my hair's needs, because now i've got to listen to her too!
Anyway, enough now...lol:smile:
Kume Ozoro
Thanks for kicking off the "My Hair Dairy" series as a blog post category :revolving_hearts:
Fatou Bom Bittaye
My pleasure . We own this
Kume Ozoro