swadou Fareed
by on October 28, 2016
............after all I'd heard n seen on afro hair, finally I started ma own journey. First I had to"pull the bull by its horn". dea I was with scissors n comb looking forward to seeing the new me in the mirror, with one eye closed, not knowing how I'll look after cutting off all the "unhealthy" n "unwanted" hair. den I had it all knotted n it looked like :point_down::point_down:
.....๐Ÿ™ˆ not so bad huh...!!
For the first weeks of going natural I used only :point_down:
...to kip it soft n healthy.....
I began loving the new face dat pops up in ma mirror anytime I start in front of it :blush::ok_hand:...
At a stage I felt a lil sad n bored cz dea was nothing so new anymore. I felt ma hair refused to grow, n at some point honestly I almost luz hope. buh den the key n only word of ma old fren kips ringing in ma tiny head "PATIENCE". n I'll be like okay, let me give it a month. n as months passed I kept using the same hair food along with :point_down:
Pink oil moisturiser
n jus like dat, it started coming up. YEAHHHH! I was going natural...!!!! that feeling was n is worth "a plate of jollof rice" to me (ma fav dish) :blush::heart_eyes: The process is slow buh it was worth the time.
In my experience as a fresh going naturalista, it's never a smooth ride as in most cases it gets tough n almost impossible, buh "knowing wat u really want is wat really gets you what you want" .....ya determination and faithfulness to your natural being is wat makes u knw how valuable ya hair is n that no ( junk) hair fertiliser is worth breaking dat bond btw u n your hair.
After 1year 7months in the afro world, I decided to go into dreads/locks.....mehn!!!! I'm a Jamaican fan - just in case I forgot to mention
....""almost dea I guess" is the phrase I kip convincing maslf with. n surely I'll soon be dea lol...
........always feels great in long shiny light hair TILL u try NATURAL AFRICAN HAIR....!!!
you can wear your hair in curls n in different styles as well as in dreads - as in ma case....till now, ma only 100% hair square meal n shampoo is :point_down::sparkling_heart:
...costs no more than GMD1,000 (Gambian currency) and the results is always PERFECTION....
there's still more to come in updates as to how I kip ma super attractive dreads tempting. kip following
SWADOU.FAREED :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:
....NB: not all oils or cream works the same for all hair types
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Baby girl. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โœŒ
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swadou Fareed i'm loving your series :heart_eyes: literally :heart:
swadou Fareed
phnx Kume Ozoro n ofcz ma pretty Nana Ama
Kume Ozoro
You're welcome swadou Fareed :smiley:
swadou Fareed
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