imoh imaikop
by on November 11, 2016
Mmmmm....products used are: aloe Vera juice ( ma styler) , shea butter mixture( shea butter mixed with olive oil and coconut oil) , olive oil, Bobby pins(if ur hair isn't long to b held u can use Bobby pins to hold t tight) and wide tooth comb.
Step1: put de aloe Vera juice in a spray bottle then put two spoons of olive oil den u shake t.
Step2: u section your hair into 4,6 sections....any sections you are comfortable with. Starting from the back( I love starting from the from de first section from de back, I pick a smaller section( dis is where de issue comes, if u want your curl smaller n if u want your curls to last long, u pick smaller sections but if u want your curls big u do it with a bigger section..mmmm... ur curls won't last for a weeekkkk.... I love big bantu knots if I don't want to unravel them.).
Step3: stray de mixtures of de aloe Vera juice olive oil to your hair then u moisturise your hair with the Shea Butter mixture, detangle with your hands or your wide tooth comb and twist( two strand twist). I believe we all know how to twist#smiling#(Some people create a braid for a different curl pattern. Personally, I prefer a two strand twist. You can choose whatever you like best.)
Step4:After twisting the two strands together, take the whole twist and twist it in a knot clockwise. To secure your knot, you can use a bobby pin or tuck it under the knot... repeat de procedure in your hair ie spray de aloe Vera mixture n your Shea Butter mixtures n twist.... # grinning # DONE....m DONNNEE.... I went to school with ma knots..lolsss... I have to say, despite it's craziness, this style is one of my favorites! I think what I love most is that it's actually doing a lot for my hair while it's in. As a natural girl, it's protecting my hair by keeping it twisted and tied during a long period of time. But also, this style can be worn by anybody! Straight hair, fine hair, blonde, brunette... you name it! It also gives most people a great curl once they've taken it out.....I left t to dry dats I air dried t... after three days, I unraveled t. T was super dry n cute.... before I unravel t, I rub olive oil on ma hands to reduce breaks... I unraveled t gently.... gently... u take de twist from the end...pls don't start from the bottom, t create knots....smh... Now that you know how to create this super easy look, will you give it a try?
Duru Deborah
I sure will
Kume Ozoro
I'm looking forward to seeing your results :smiley: