Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
by on June 26, 2016
The 2015 edition of Naturals In The City - NITC was lovely. Was keenly looking out to meet any one else from myAfroHub, but sadly I saw no one. The event kicked off late at about by 3pm instead of at 1pm as scheduled. Just imagine the classy Cafe Neo in Victoria Island with Naturals and natural hair product retailers milling around waiting for the event to begin. The program started eventually and we had three wonderful women as speakers. Dr Bode Otekunrin spoke first and her message was focused on the adoption of a holistic approach to personal health and longevity. She talked about healthy eating habits; mentioned how it is that spring water is the absolute best; and how preservatives contribute to making one fat. She also recommended fasting from time to time as being great for our physiological system. She also touched on cervical cancer; the dangers of it and how multiple sexual partners can play a role in its onset. The second speaker was Iheuma Obibi and she addresses the importance of talking to teens about sex and sexuality. She taught a few effective strategies for being honest with children about sex; giving them sex education; having "the talk" with them. The last speaker was the renown hairstylist, Yellow Sisi who talked about protective styling. She pointed out that fixing weave-ons should be a "no-no" for Naturals primarily because it starves the hair of air. Her recommendation is that the best protective styling is one that keeps your hair moisturized and tucks away your ends. I enjoyed this NITC. It was wonderful meeting so many people with lovely crowns. Someone seated right in front of me even won a gift :sunglasses: The only disappointment of the day was not getting any Beeswax. I searched every stand there, but unfortunately no vendor had any. A high point was this beautiful girl wearing her afro hair in a twist out and it was so full :heart_eyes: & soooo lovely. I had a great time.