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There different ways to stretch the hair without heat. However, for me I think the best is African threading for various reasons.
1. Unlike twists, braiding and Co, African threading actually stretches the hair and makes it also similar to a heat stretched hair.
2. When done with local African thread, not wool, it retains moisture of the hair basically sealing everything and keeping it in the same state.
3. Aside from stretching, it can be done in very elaborate ways and can be rocked.
4. It is a way of promoting African culture
5. It makes hair trimming easier because when threading you can't actually thread those unhealthy split ends.
6. It makes the hair really soft to comb or detangle. You have to worry about knots as much as you will if it was any other style.
You can do African threading yourself if the sole purpose is to stretch the hair. However for more elaborate styles, you need a stylist. I can't promise a tutorial on it since I don't know how to make it. Stylists in the house, please help out.
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