Juliet Kyerah
by on November 23, 2016
I am a lover of hair and keeping my hair tidy means a lot to me. I relaxed my hair after my Senior High School Education that is 2008. Whenever it was time for re-touching , huh! I'd just feel like crying because I would definitely get a deep cut no matter the relaxer creme I used. And my hair was not growing despite all the attention I gave it. I made up my mind to go the natural way but the obstacles were too much for me. Some of my friends told me stubborn hair makes natural hair painful. I was constantly contemplating about transition - either going for the big chop or waiting for all the relaxed hair to fall off. In May 2016 , I took the bold decision by going for the big chop. I'm a natural lady now and will be forever. I was full of joy after having my first twist on 19th November 2016 :blush: All advice is welcome from Senior Natural Ladies
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Congratulations on your big chop. Moisture, deep conditioning and a very healthy diet does wonders for the hair.