Peniel Uzochi Chris
by on December 4, 2016
You know that moment and the feeling that comes with the fact that you are in the midst of fellow black beauties who are growing their hair and yours is a hairless scalp cez mum won't allow you grow your crown? It's a feeling of intense pain I tell you..... & that used to be my story.
You know that thing they say about change, huh? Yeea, you guessed right. Change is constant. One day I got tired of other girls laughing at my "shine bright like a diamond". That was the day I started my hair journey. I cried till mum said "go ahead, grow your kinky and polish your crown". Wow!!! My joy knew no bounds. I was happy o....nnnhnnn. It wasn't easy at all....Y? Y because y has a long tail n two branches. Yes, y?
Ok. Y because my hair was stubborn (lol), strong and that was the headquarters for dandruff.... I am serious. Some of these mean ladies always "advised" me to relax the hair and practically refused doing my hair cez it was "stubborn".... Shuuuu? No be only me waka come na. My mates in school gave that same advice but I was determined to do something, to prove something....and I did. Almost all those girls in my school who ADVISED me to relax my hair have all gone natural.... That's a thing of joy actually. I'll give more details of how I overcame the strong hair syndrome and fighting dandruff.... Taadaaaaa:dizzy::smile::smile::smile::heart_eyes: