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Hair Tips.
Combing your natural hair.
One of the biggest challenges natural hair sisters face is “how do I comb my hair?!”. This question is important in natural hair care because many of us still feel pain when combing our hair. This tends to be the result of poor hair treatment, a weak scalp or just plain wrong handling of your hair.
I am here to bring you out of your misery by showing you…
How to comb your natural hair.
First and foremost you should know your hair type. Why is this important? It helps you understand your hair and this equips you to handle it better. It also helps with knowing what type of combs to use. The best way to identify your hair type is to take a look at it while it is wet, or when you are deep conditioning. Below is the chart I used to identify mine. Then I read a lot about my hair type online and studied how to maintain it. I should put up a post on hair types sometime soon.
Next, you need hair care products. Not too many - but your hair moisturizer, leave in conditioner and organic oils are really essential. These products help to moisturize the hair and make it softer and easier to manipulate while handling. You should also take note of the product brands that work well with your hair and those that don't. For me, Cantu products don't to the magic on my hair, but BlueMagic & Hawaiian Silky do.
Most of the time I do not apply my products directly unto my hair, except I just washed it. When I wish to style my hair I use my spritz bottle instead.
Now, what is a spritz bottle?
This is a bottle which has the ability to spray. That's it in simple words. But you don't want just an empty bottle. You put your desired contents in the bottle. My bottle contains a mixture of hair products or oils. It should contain 60% - 70% water and 40% - 30% products or oils depending on what works best for you. I have two spritz bottles. One for hair products and the other for oils. I would discuss more about the spritz bottle in a future post.
Most importantly you need your combs. I know you have heard about wide toothed combs. I don't need to emphasize this. I'll say only this, if you wish to have long healthy hair, you need wide toothed combs.
The mechanism/technique of combing your hair.
1. Apply a reasonable amount of the product to your hair. Do not be stingy with your products. You got it for your hair...use it on it. And do not be over generous with it either, as too much of anything is often problematic. Apply it moderately. If applied properly, your hair should be a little softer than normal and only a little amount of the hair products would have been applied .
2. Massage well. Don't only pour the whole product goodness onto the hair, also massage it into the hair so your hair can feel the goodness all the way.
3. Section your hair. You can divide it into four or three sections or as many as you please. This also depends on how full your hair is.
4. Comb.
Now you should never comb your hair from the bottom to the top. You would end up cutting your hair and feeling unnecessary pain. Always comb from top to bottom. Hold a section and start by combing the tips first. Hold the lower part firmly so you don't feel pain. This is because it is usually at the tips that kinks get tangled, and you have to detangle that part first for easy combing of your hair as a whole.
5. When the tip of the hair has been combed properly, you can then gradually comb towards the bottom till you get to the roots.
6. When you are done with a section, weave or twist it to avoid air immediately getting into the hair and making it tough again.
7. Continue the process till you are done with the whole hair.
That is how to comb your hair in a healthy manner. Please remember that your hair should not be combed on a daily basis. This would make the hair break faster and prevent it from growing longer. I advice you comb once a week if combing is absolutely necessary. You can always put on protective styles to avoid combing.
I hope this post has been helpful. Have a wonderful week ahead.
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