Fatou Bom Bittaye
by on December 28, 2016
Hi Fam!
Late though, but, Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance! It has been fun during the holiday, we had a long weekend, my, elder brother from UK was around so we had a lot of fun, that's i couldn't post on Monday (26/12/2016) and it was also "Boxing Day" and Public Holiday.
Now, let's get down to business:smile:. From last week Tuesday (18/12/2016) to Friday(23/12/2016) it had wigs going on over two(2) cornrows but i could once again get back to the soaking business...lol:smile:
On Saturday(24/12/2016), i stepped out to the far end off my area, had a change of environment for few hours and below is how i freestyled my hair:smile:
Later in the night
Just set to go!
On Sunday evening around 19hrs i started mini-twisting my hair, this time, i thought i'll skip washing because i didn't think it was necessary. My hair and scalp were still clean. i decided to take a break from twisted at around 22hrs. On monday morning i continued, took a break around 12noon, stepped out again till around 5pm. Continued from there again and.... Voila!
Between 22hrs - 23hrs.
Didn't keep track of when it was done. But i was glad it did:smile:. Don't get me wrong,:smile: i enjoyed every step along the way.
Oh! almost forgot, i use my olive oil moisturizer (Water base) when i was twisting because i didn't want to keep spraying water every time my hair gets dry. it helped me de-tangle every section am about to twist.
This time, i plan to keep it for quite some time. It's a very comfortable style and easy going.
Bye Bye!
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Kume Ozoro
Fatou Bom Bittaye this your picture is so on point :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: That black leather jacket, and your hair :heart_eyes: it's obviously biggin up :smiley: You'd better have shared in this post how you're keeping her at that size even in this harmattan :laughing:
Fatou Bom Bittaye
Thanks Kume Ozoro. Will keep the protective styling and moisturizing, i can see it's paying off:smile:
Kume Ozoro
Kume Ozoro
And, Korkor Kugblenu is pointing out that the Harmattan is a major player in keeping fros looking real big this season :wink:
Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu
Lovely picture. Keep enjoying yourself and happy new year.
Fatou Bom Bittaye
Thanks Onyinye Olufunmi Nwangwu. I hope you having fun too. Happy new year!
Kume Ozoro
Fatou Bom Bittaye the twists give you a very different look :heart_eyes: and the water based olive oil moisturizer is a very handy product in a season like this current harmattan.