By: on July 29, 2016
Hello. I'm so glad to be a part of this beautiful Hair family. I have a really stunted hair growth. I have done several researches on how to grow my natural hair faster. I tried using egg and olive oil mask, onion juice mask and also rice water. But I haven't seen positive results. Please I need your lovely suggestions on how to improve my hair growth and also make it more stretched. Thanks in anticipation.
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By: on November 7, 2016
Hi Greetings !! So as I mentioned on my last blog ,I posted that I was in a new set of cornrows (braids) :smile: I decided that i'm going to be wearing protective styles for the time being.. 1. To prevent my hair from harsh wind damage 2. To save time 3. To gain growth Right now i'm still wearing my cornrows from last week and maintaining my hair underneath is simple. Since cornrows are already parted, it makes oiling your scalp so much easier. You can also use your fingers to oil your ...
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By: on July 20, 2016
Good morning once again! After 4 weeks, after Ramadan, i finally really washed my hair last weekend. I started with coconut oil overnight treatment, onion juice for my edges, DIY deep conditioner (coconut oil, honey, egg, avocado, mayonnaise) and finally washed it off with my "Hawaiian shampoo conditioner". I tapped it with my towel stop the dripping water, didnt want it dry, applied my favorite oil, coconut oil from roots to top, then my homemade shea butter cream mix(sheabutter, coconut oi...
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By: on October 28, 2016
Hi beauties.... :smile: So I took my braids down on Monday morning - which is last week Monday & I havnt really been updating this diary with my hair care practices since it was in a protective style and i've been quite busy ...well, the braids are out y'all and I'm going to be doing product reviews on some products I purchased online.. On Monday morning I prepooed (castor oil and conditioner ), deep conditioned my hair (protein treatment using avocado,mayonnaise,egg,olive oil and honey...
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By: on May 24, 2016
Hello Dolls, Its a warm morning up north here in Ghana....with the beautiful sunshine and cool air breezzzzz blowing over. Am a naturalista...two yrs gone and its been one hell of a journey, discouragement from friends,hair stylist and even hairstyles to choose from. But i also was intrested in how natural bloggers did their own things to their hair and how sucessfully and pweedy they all looked.i was like "If it will take me forever then forever it is" Considering the nature of my hair fr...
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By: on November 15, 2016
Hello Fam! I was super excited this morning :blush: Has this ever happened to anyone? You spend half your day working on something and then suddenly, whoosssshh! You lost everything. All gone, just like that :flushed: Anyway....... OMG! Wait, wait, wait, what’s the date today?...... :laughing: oh don’t mind me. That was me just being theatrical :smiley: The reason why I was so excited this morning is that today is one year since I Big Chopped :birthday: I actually planned to Big Chop on...
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By: on December 19, 2016
Hi Fam! It’s been 2weeks! Well, given that we - The Gambia, are trying to get our dictator/tyrant out through elections in which we succeeded amazingly. And i'm telling you, it wasn’t really fun :smile: because (whispering) he refuses to leave :smile: Since then I have been busy following developments very closely and this has led to me not having enough time to prepare for my blogs. So going back, I talked about how I took care of my hair day-to-day, but for the past 2 weeks I have had my...
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By: on June 27, 2016
Hair Tips. Combing your natural hair. One of the biggest challenges natural hair sisters face is “how do I comb my hair?!”. This question is important in natural hair care because many of us still feel pain when combing our hair. This tends to be the result of poor hair treatment, a weak scalp or just plain wrong handling of your hair. I am here to bring you out of your misery by showing you… How to comb your natural hair. First and foremost you sho...
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By: on February 4, 2017
It's been quite a long time I posted..My reason is I have been quite busy with a lot of personal things.. But hey I always got to make time here as well cos am addicted to this platform lol...Lets head straight to the reason why am here this hot afternun.. I got a new remedy I been trying these past weeks and thought of sharing :smile: ... I gues we've all heard of rosemary herb..Yeah! It's good for our natural hair..This herb encourages hair growth by stimulating and improving circulation to t...
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By: on December 13, 2016
Greetings! I'm here with a product review which is for a company called WeNaturals. Not only does this company have plenty receipts to show, or in other words tons of positive reviews, but they are also just getting better each time .This review is long overdue since I have been using so many WeNaturals' products for almost 7 months now. I planned to do this review long ago but life happened - I'm talking about school, travel and more. I simply couldn't find the time. At the same time, I'm ...
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By: on July 13, 2016
Greetings Everyone, Am a Gambian, West African. Just to tell a little bit about my becoming "naturalista". In short, my hair began shedding and changing colour like you wouldn't believe, i did every to restore my hair back but nothing, so i started searching on the net and came across videos about becoming natural. So i thought "NO" this is not for me because my hair is so thick and coarse that if didn't apply Perm i wouldn't be able to even comb it. But as i kept searching, i come to see...
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By: on April 10, 2017
Hey! I his joined my afrohub and I really love the idea behind it. So down to business. I had never been the shampoo person at al majorly cuz almost all shampoos I found contained sulfates in them. I was more of a cowash girl then bentonite clay mask to clarify. Then I was on ig one day when I came across this diy shampoo and I was like hey, why not? 🙂. Items used were -dudu osun black soap (sold everywhere in Nigeria) -hot water -honey -peppermint oil -oil mix containing olive and coco...
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