By: on June 7, 2017
Hello June!!! How have you ladies been sine we last met? Today I will be discussing my relationships with people in general; especially in light of the fact that I am all natural. I've been natural for a few years now. And trust me, it has been a liberating experience. I can remember when I went natural, a lot of people kept asking me if I was sure of what I was about to do...or doing. For a moment then, I almost turned around and quit on the natural game. About the same time, I remember Al...
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By: on July 17, 2016
Hi everyone. I'm really sorry I've been away for sometime. I had a lot on my plate and I guess my juggling skills kinda failed me. With that said, I'd like to discuss something different today…...away from all the hair talk. I'd be talking about my first full makeup experience. I must say that I am not a makeup person. The most I would ever wear is probably a lipstick if necessary. This day I was all bored and all. Considering the fact that I stay with females its only natural tha...
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