By: on April 28, 2017
Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a "superfood". It's uses are numerous and can extend to being a form of natural medicine, be used for natural beauty treatments and so much more. Benefits of coconut oil - Provides a nutritional source of quick energy. - Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth. - Reduces inflammation. - Supports and aids immune system function. - Promotes healthy hair and healthy skin. -...
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By: on April 11, 2017
If every time you take out your protective style after a month or so, you notice that your hair is dry and breaking, your scalp itches and is flaking, and if you’re unlucky, your edges are falling out and your hair is all knotted up at the base, then chances are you did nothing to protect your protective style while you had it on. Protective styles, whether with extensions or with just your hair need some care too. Even though you have taken a break from your hair, you hair hasn’t taken a bre...
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By: on April 10, 2017
Hey! I his joined my afrohub and I really love the idea behind it. So down to business. I had never been the shampoo person at al majorly cuz almost all shampoos I found contained sulfates in them. I was more of a cowash girl then bentonite clay mask to clarify. Then I was on ig one day when I came across this diy shampoo and I was like hey, why not? 🙂. Items used were -dudu osun black soap (sold everywhere in Nigeria) -hot water -honey -peppermint oil -oil mix containing olive and coco...
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By: on April 10, 2017
In the Gambia, keeping natural hair wasn't that common few years ago but now it is becoming a trend. Even if one is not keeping their natural hair already, they are thinking of going natural, "au naturel":smile:. Deciding to go natural is easy, what becomes the challenge is whether to go through "transitioning"(i.e., gradually growing out your perm) or do the "big chop"(snipping off your relaxed hair and starting over from scratch). You come across people who would tell you that "i have decided/...
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By: on March 22, 2017
Avocado oil, derived from the avocado fruit, boasts some unusual and uniquely healthy properties. Avocado oil is high in vitamin E and unsaturated fats and contains more protein than any other fruit and more potassium than a banana. Avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the avocado and offers a variety of purported nutritional and medicinal benefits, some of which have been confirmed through scientific research. (Source: Benefits of Avocado oil -Great cook...
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